SAU #39 School Board Members (this board consists of the members from Amherst, Mont Vernon, and Souhegan Cooperative School Boards and is sorted by individual board)

SAU Board Officers

Chair: Christie Peters [email protected]

Vice Chair: Shannon Gascoyne [email protected] 

Secretary: Stephanie Grund [email protected] 

SAU Budget Committee: Tom Gauthier and Stephanie Grund

Manifest (2): Teri Behm and Stephanie Grund

SAU Treasurer: CJ Butler

SAU Deputy Treasurer: Peg Bennett

Professional Development Committee: Jess Hinkley and Sonny Daniels

Brick School Maintenance and Improvement Committee: Terri Behm, Victoria Parisi, Sonny Daniels, and Christie Peters (alternate)

RSEC: Terri Behm and Stephanie Grund