SAU 39 Policy Committee

The SAU 39 Policy Committee meets regularly between June and August to review and develop policy for board approval. Meetings are posted to the public calendar, which can be found HERE. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Annual Policy Review Schedule:

March- Policies Identified for review

  • Annual review of identified policy groupings (A-K)
  • New policies released
  • Any other policies identified by board or superintendent

April - June- Internal Review Period

  • Comments and proposed changes tracked

June - August - Policy Committee Meetings

September - Public Hearing

October - Adoption


Committee Members:

Shannon Gascoyne - Amherst School Board

Tim Theberge - Amherst School Board

Jessica Hinckley - Mont Vernon School Board

Sarah Lawrence - Mont Vernon School Board

John Glover - Souhegan Cooperative School Board

Anna Goulet-Zimmerman - Souhegan Cooperative School Board

Alternate: Sonny Daniels - Souhegan Cooperative School Board


Committee members will be appointed by each school board during their organizational meeting in March.

This list is updated on an annual basis, or periodically as needs arise.