Homeschool Information

What is homeschooling?

In New Hampshire, homeschooling is home education provided by a parent or guardian for his/her own child. RSA 193-A:4

If I am home educating my child, what subjects do I need to provide instruction?

New Hampshire requires home education programs to include instruction in science, mathematics, language, government, history, health, reading, writing, spelling, the history of the constitutions of New Hampshire and the United States, and an exposure to and appreciation of art and music. RSA 193-A:4

Please see the NH College and Career Ready Standards for more information on grade level standards and expectations.

What notification is required to home educate my child?

Any parent or guardian beginning a home education program for a child, shall notify the superintendent within 5 business days of commencing the program. Notification shall include a list of the names, addresses, and birth dates of all children who are participating in the home education program. RSA 193-A:5

What records should I keep?

The parent or guardian shall maintain a portfolio of records and materials relative to the home education program. The portfolio shall consist of a log which designates by title the reading materials used and student work samples such as writings, worksheets, workbooks, or creative materials used or developed by the child. Such portfolio shall be preserved by the parent for 2 years from the date of the ending of the instruction.

What are the evaluation requirements when home educating?

The parent or guardian shall provide for an annual educational evaluation demonstrating educational progress at a level commensurate with the child's age and ability. The child shall be deemed to have successfully completed his annual evaluation upon meeting the requirements of any one of the following:

  • A certified teacher or a teacher currently teaching in a nonpublic school who is selected by the parent shall evaluate the child's educational progress upon review of the portfolio and discussion with the parent or child;
  • The child shall take any national student achievement test, administered by a person who meets the qualifications established by the provider or publisher of the test. Composite results at or above the fortieth percentile on such tests shall be deemed reasonable academic proficiency;
  • The child shall take a state student assessment test used by the resident district. Composite results at or above the fortieth percentile on such state test shall be deemed reasonable academic proficiency; or
  • The child shall be evaluated using any other valid measurement tool mutually agreed upon by the parent and the commissioner of education, resident district superintendent, or nonpublic school principal. RSA 193-A:6

What support can SAU 39 provide to parents who choose to home educate their child(ren)?

Home educated, public chartered school, and nonpublic school pupils will be permitted to use the school library, borrow school texts, have access to materials/resources including online resources, and borrow library materials under the same conditions and rules as pupil enrolled in the District. If you would like to request student textbooks or materials, please click here.

We have also posted state standards and our curriculum to our website.

You can find additional standards on the NHDOE Website for College and Career Ready Standards.

Co/Extra-Curricular Activities

Requests by home educated, public chartered school, or nonpublic school pupils for participation in co/extra-curricular activities shall be made in writing by the parent/guardian to the building Principal. Co/extra-curricular activities include, but are not necessarily limited to field trips, excursions, athletics (including intramurals), band, chorus, clubs, organizations, school dances, and others.

Curricular Courses

Requests by home educated, public chartered school, or nonpublic school pupils for participation in curricular courses shall be made in writing by the parent/guardian to the building Principal.

Annual Evaluation

SAU 39 can support your child in their annual evaluation if you choose to have your child take the state assessment or a national student achievement test. If you would like to participate in standard testing, please contact Christine Landwehrle, Assistant Superintendent for SAU 39 at [email protected].

What district policies are in place to provide additional guidance on home education?

Please click the links below to read the applicable policies.

What notification do I need to provide to the district when ending a home education program?

Written notice of termination of a home education program shall be filed by the parent with the commissioner of education, and, in addition, the resident district superintendent or nonpublic school principal within 15 days of said termination. RSA 193-A:5