MV Learning Resources Reconsideration Committee

The Mont Vernon Village School Board is looking to appoint two adult community members to a Learning Resources Reconsideration Committee per Policy IJL/KEC.

In this year's appointment, one member would be appointed for a one year term and a second member to a two year term.  Each term after the initial year will serve a two year term.  The committees being placed at the beginning of the school year prevent bias in selection of any challenged material that may come forward.

The committee is responsible for reviewing challenged resources and judging whether they conform to the principles of selection outlined in the Library Instructional Materials Selection and Reconsideration Policy.  The committee would consist of two adult community members, a faculty member from the Mont Vernon Village School, an administrator from the Mont Vernon Village School, and the Library Media Specialist.

The committee will examine challenged resources, determine professional acceptance, weigh values and faults to form opinions based on the material as a whole.  The committee will meet to discuss the resource in the context of the educational setting and prepare a written report to present to the Superintendent, Mont Vernon Village School Board, and building Principal.

Please see Policy IJL/KEC for more information on the Learning Resources Selection and Reconsideration Policy.

Interested community members will need to be detail oriented, have strong reading comprehension skills, and maturity, and have the ability to set aside personal politics and engage with the materials at issue as objectively as possible.

Deadline for applying is December 1, 2023 at noon.

If you are interested in applying for this committee, please send your letter of interest to Chelsea Borden at [email protected].  Please include why you are interested in the committee and what you believe your strengths are and how you can contribute to the committee.