SHS Learning Resource Reconsideration Committee

Resource Reconsideration Committee

The committee is responsible for reviewing challenged resources and judge whether they conform to the principles of selection outlined in the Library Instructional Materials Selection and Reconsideration Policy.  The committee is comprised of two adult community members, an Administrator, two students, and the Library Media Specialist.

The committee will examine the challenged resource, determine professional acceptance, weigh values and faults to form opinions based on the material as a whole.  The committee will meet to discuss the resource in the context of the educational setting and prepare a written report to present to the Superintendent, School Board, and Principal. 


June 9, 2023 Resource Reconsideration Committee - Appeal Meeting

The Souhegan Cooperative School Board will hold a meeting on June 9, 2023 to address the Appeal submitted to the Resource Reconsideration Report.  In order to conduct the meeting effectively and efficiently, the Board has decided on a few ideas to streamline communication.

When Amherst and Mont Vernon community members arrive, there will be a couple of sign-ups:

There will be a Speakers List used during the meeting for those who want to speak during the Public Comment section.  This will not be used to prevent anyone from speaking, but to organize the process.  If anyone chooses to speak after the list is completed, they may approach the microphone.  The Board respectfully requests speakers try and not repeat everything said by prior speakers.

In order to help support the community members from needing to repeat what was said, there will be two other sign-up sheets.  One sign up will be in support of the Resource Reconsideration Report and the other will be against the report.  If a community member arrives and does not want to speak, but they want to show their support in favor or against the Resource Reconsideration Committee Report, they can sign one of these sheets.

Also, if someone cannot attend the meeting, an email can be sent to the Souhegan Cooperative School Board at [email protected].

Speakers during the Public Comment section are asked to keep their comments to 3 minutes to ensure all of those in attendance have a chance to be heard.

After community members  have given their comments during the Public Comment section, the School Board will have a public deliberation session to consider a decision and next steps.

Click HERE for the meeting agenda.