Amherst School District Ways & Means Committee

Ways & Means Committee (W&M)

We hope this webpage serves as an effective and transparent source of analyses, information, and work performed by the ASD W&M Committee. We welcome suggestions regarding other types of information we ought to include.

Mission Statement

The Amherst School District Ways & Means Committee is an appointed group of Amherst community members who are tasked to review, and provide input of the Amherst School District’s budget, prior to the budget being presented to the voters.

W&M Committee Members 

Caleb Baird  [email protected]

Matt Comstock  [email protected]

Brian Coogan [email protected]

Brittany Donovan  [email protected]

Chris Goodrich  [email protected]

Peter Maresco  [email protected]

Caitlin Thompson  [email protected]

Matt Borden (alternate)  [email protected]

Tom Gauthier (Amherst Board Representative) [email protected]

Jason White (Amherst Board Representative) [email protected]