Amherst School District Ways & Means Committee

Ways & Means Committee

Welcome to the Ways and Means Committee site for the Amherst School District. Please find our contact information below as well as agendas for upcoming meetings and minutes of past meetings. We value your input and engagement with the budgeting process.

Mission Statement

The Amherst School District Ways & Means Committee is a group of community members who are appointed to objectively review and comment on the school budget and related fiscal requests while considering the needs of the schools and community it serves. 


Committee Members 

Caleb Baird, Chair  [email protected]

Matthew Comstock, Secretary  [email protected]

Matthew Borden [email protected]

Brittany Donovan  [email protected]

Christopher Goodrich  [email protected]

Peter Maresco  [email protected]

Caitlin Thompson  [email protected]

Tom Gauthier (Amherst Board Representative) [email protected]

Jason White (Amherst Board Representative) [email protected]