SAU Budget Committee

Three (3) open community member seats are available to interested individuals who would like to serve on the FY26 SAU Budget Committee. There is one (1) seat allocated to represent each school district:

1.     Amherst School District (one seat)

2.     Mont Vernon School District (one seat)

3.     Souhegan Cooperative School District (one seat)

The full SAU Budget Committee will be comprised of the following members: one representative from each school district budget committee (Amherst Ways & Means, Mont Vernon Budget Committee, and the Souhegan Advisory Finance Committee), three community representatives (one per district, as described above), and one board member from each of the three school districts (non-voting).

Members should plan to attend the following budget meetings:

·            Meeting 1 – 09/24/2024 (6–7 PM)

·            Meeting 2 – 10/08/2024 (6–8 PM)

·            Meeting 3 – 11/12/2024 (6-8 PM)

Meeting 1 - Organizational Meeting, introduction and overview of budget and review process

Meeting 2 - Review and discuss Budget Draft 1, answer outstanding questions, prepare for SAU Board Meeting

Meeting 3 - Review and discuss Budget Draft 2, answer outstanding questions, prepare for SAU Budget Public Hearing


SAU Budget Committee Members are encouraged to attend the following SAU Board meetings:

·            Draft 1 Budget Submission - 09/26/2024

·            Draft 2 Budget Submission - 10/24/2024

·            SAU Budget Public Hearing - 11/21/2024

Interested community members are encouraged to submit their letters of intent to the SAU 39 Board, sent to Chelsea Borden ([email protected]).