SAU Budget Committee

The full SAU Budget Committee will be comprised of the following members: three representatives from school district budget committees (one per district), three community representatives (one per district), and three (non-voting) school board members (one per district).

FY25 Community Representatives (one per district):

Dan LeClerc - Amherst School District

Howard Brown - Mont Vernon School District

Sharon Corr - Souhegan Cooperative School District  


FY25 Budget Committee Representatives (one per district):

Peter Maresco – Ways & Means, Amherst School District 

Christine Grayson (Chair) – Souhegan Advisory Finance Committee, Souhegan Cooperative School District 


FY25 Board Members (one per district) (non-voting):

Tom Gauthier - Amherst School District

George Torres - Mont Vernon School District

Stephanie Grund - Souhegan Cooperative School District