Amherst School Board

P.O. Box 849 Amherst, NH 03031



To send a communication to the Board, please email [email protected]

Chair: Tom Gauthier (2025) [email protected]

Vice Chair: Shannon Gascoyne (2026) [email protected]

Secretary: Jason White (2025) [email protected]

Terri Behm (2026) [email protected]

Greg Fritz (2027) [email protected]


Amherst School District Moderator
Ellen Grudzien (2026) [email protected]

Amherst School District Clerk
Tony Ortiz (2026) [email protected]

Amherst School District Treasurer
Margaret Bennett (2026) [email protected]


ASD/MVSD Tuition Agreement: VIEW HERE

ASD/SAU Brick School Lease: VIEW HERE