Joint Facilities Advisory Committee

Please follow the link below for more information about the JFAC's recent work and proposals.

Brian Coogan, JFAC Chair

Shannon Gascoyne, Amherst Building & Grounds Chair

Sarah Lawrence, Mont Vernon Building & Grounds Chair

Lisa Eastland, Souhegan Building & Grounds Chair

Dan Black, Community Member

John Bowkett, Community Member

John D’Angelo, BOS

Amy Facey, Business Administrator (SAU 39)

Tom Gauthier, ASB Rep.

John Glover, SCSB Amherst Rep.

Christine Grayson, Community Member

Pim Grondstra, SCSB Mont Vernon Rep.

Jeanne Ludt, Community Member

Jake Macedo , Community Member

Victoria Parisi, ASB Rep.

Roger Preston, Director of Facilities (SAU 39)

Daniel Veilleux, SCSB Amherst Rep.