Committee Assignments

2021 - 2022 Committee Assignments
Appoint District Treasurer (Effective 7/1/2021): CJ Butler

Appoint District Clerk (Effective Immediately): Chris Jansen

Appoint Assistant District Treasurer (Effective 7/1/2021): Peg Bennet

Advisory Finance Committee (2): Stephanie Grund & George Torres

Athletic Liaison Committee (2): Pim Grondstra & Stephanie Grund

CIP (1): Steve Coughlan

Community Council (1): Christie Peters

Expendable Trust Advisory Committee (2): George Torres & John Glover

Manifest (2): Stephanie Grund & Christi Peters

Policy (2): John Glover & Steve Coughlan

PPC (2): Christie Peters & Steve Coughlan

NHSBA (1): John Glover

Joint Facilities Advisory Committee (2-3): Stephanie Grund, Pim Grondstra

Communication (1 and alternate): John Glover (Stephanie Grund as alternate)

Constitutional Interpretation (1):

Selectmen Liaison Amherst (1): Steve Coughlan

Selectmen Liaison Mont Vernon (1): George Torres

Souhegan Cooperative School Board Officers and Committee Assignments 2020-2021


Pim Grondstra - Chair

Stephanie Grund - Secretary


Advisory Finance Committee - Stephanie Grund and Geore Torres

Athletic Liaison Committee - Pim Gronstra

CIP - Steve Coughlan

Expendable Trust Advisory Committee - Stephanie Grund

Manifest - Stephanie Grund

Policy - Steve Coughlan

PPC - George Torres and Steve Coughlan

PTSA - Stephanie Grund


Joint Advisory Facilities Committee - Pim Grondstra, and Stephanie Grund

Communication - Steve Coughlan

Constitutional Interpretation - Steve Coughlan