PD Committee

Professional Development Committee 

Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding and endorsing the Master Plan, reviewing and revising the Master Plan as required, and submitting it for approval to the Superintendent of Schools, the SAU board, and the NH Education Department;
  • Attending meetings of the Professional Development Committee to address business issues as well as participating in learning opportunities about professional development;
  • Working closely with the Assistant Superintendent(s) to review/reflect/plan In-Service activities that address SAU goals, to consider proposals from educators, and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills derived from other professional development activities;
  • Working closely with the Assistant Superintendent(s) to keep educators informed and provide them with current information regarding Master Plan revisions, and professional development programs;
  • Working closely with the Assistant Superintendent(s) to develop procedures for review and evaluation of the Master Plan and to continually improve our evaluation process, including an annual needs assessment;
  • Act as liaison between professional development committee and constituencies;
  • Serve as a support in navigating the professional development process.


Members will be elected for two-year terms on the Professional Development Committee. The committee shall be comprised of:

  • Eight (8) certified professional staff (2 Mont Vernon Village School, 2 Clark/Wilkins School, 2 Amherst Middle School, and 2 Souhegan High School)
  • Four (4) Building Administrators (1 Mont Vernon Village School, 1 Clark/Wilkins, 1 Amherst Middle School, 1 Souhegan High School)
  • Three (3) certified paraprofessional or support staff (1 Mont Vernon, 1 Amherst, 1 Souhegan)
  • Up to four (4) alternate certified professional staff members to attend when members are unavailable (1 Mont
  • Vernon Village School, 1 Clark/Wilkins, 1 Amherst Middle School, 1 Souhegan High School)
  • Assistant Superintendent(s)
  • One (1) School Board member and (1) one alternate. (The School Board representative and alternate shall be appointed by the SAU School Board every other year at their organizational meeting in March.)  The names of the selected Professional Development Committee members from the School Board shall be reported to the Chairperson no later than April 30th and be invited to the May meeting.

Other invited guests may join a Professional Development Committee meeting based on the meeting agenda.

To ensure continuity of the efforts of the PD Committee, each building will be represented by two representatives, who will each serve a staggered two-year term. When new members are needed, they shall be appointed by the school administration by seeking volunteers.  



Duties of Officers

Election of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary will occur at the first meeting of the new school year (September). They shall be elected by a simple majority of members present provided there is a quorum (simple majority) for the meeting. Any other position deemed necessary will be appointed by the Professional Development Committee.


The Professional Development Committee shall include the following offices with the stipulations and duties as described for each office:


  • serves a one-year term of office
  • prepare agendas for all meetings in advance
  • facilitates at all regular meetings in collaboration with the Assistant Superintendent 
  • receives all resignations from committee members
  • appoints members to subcommittees and appoints the Chairperson of the subcommittee
  • establishes yearly Professional Development Committee tasks and timelines
  • carries out any other duties as described in the Master Plan or assigned by the Assistant Superintendent
  • collaborates and plans with the Curriculum Office



  • serves a one-year term of office
  • presides in the absence of the Chairperson
  • oversees the dissemination of Professional Development Committee communications to the community at large
  • conducts the annual professional development evaluation survey and reports results
  • carries out all other duties as assigned by the Chairperson or Assistant Superintendent



  • serves a one year term of office
  • keeps the minutes of all meetings
  • publishes minutes of all meetings and ensures access to all members of the Professional Development Committee and to others upon request handles all Professional Development Committee correspondence
  • maintains a shared electronic file of Professional Development Committee minutes, correspondence, and all other pertinent documents
  • finalizes the agenda for the next meeting and sends out the agenda to the committee before each meeting in a timely manner.

*Any of the above positions can be shared as co-positions. 


To access our meeting minutes, please visit this folder.