Support & Enrichment Resources

Online Resources to Support Learning at Home

English Language Arts Resources:

  • Newsela - Provides engaging news articles for students reading at grade levels 2-12. Browse content and search by grade level, reading standard, or topic. Sign up for a free account to access the articles.
  • ReadWriteThink - This free resource includes reading, writing and critical thinking activities accessible without a login.  Explore the parent and after school resources by grade level to access reading and writing activities, games, tools, and podcasts.
  • Quill - This free interactive tool helps students practice writing and grammar.  Parents can create a free teacher account and enroll their child in their "class".  It includes grammar and writing activities, lessons and a diagnostic assessment.

Mathematics Resources:

  • Dreambox Learning - Students have been using this interactive math tool throughout the school year and they can continue access during the summer. Visit our website for login instructions and information on how to set up a parent dashboard.
  • Khan Academy - Provides math lessons by grade level and topic/competency. Be sure to have your child create a free account to track progress.

Science Resources:

  • Gizmos - Gizmos are interactive science simulations for grades 3 - 12. Sign up for a free trial to access to nearly 40 gizmos aligned to state standards.
  • Science Friday - This free website allows you to search by type of resource and topic or bygrade band. Grade level resources include activities while searching by topic provides you with access to articles, audio, and video resources.

Social Studies Resources:

  • National Geographic: The education portion of their site allows you to explore resources (including articles, videos and activities) by grade level and subject area.
  • PBS Learning: This site provides social studies resources by competency and includes videos, interactive lessons, interactivities, audio files, images, and primary source documents. This content can be accessed without a login and users can sort by grade level and type of resource.