Core Math 1 through Core Math 3

SAU 39 Vision Statement

Secondary Mathematics: CCC8 (Compacted Common Core 8) through Core 3

We envision a community where all learners see the beauty, functionality, and
value of mathematics and are empowered by the opportunities mathematics
affords; a community where students approach the study of mathematics with
curiosity and confidence and are supported on their journey by knowledgeable,
enthusiastic and skilled adults. Click here for full details.

Math Sequence Flowcharts:

These flowcharts are organized by grade level and current course. These are meant to serve as a quick visual guide to the possible paths a student may follow in their study of mathematics. Click Here for flowcharts.

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2018 Math Sequence Chart

Parent Tip of the Week


Week 34

One of the main goals of CPM is to have mathematics make sense. We want students to learn to use the textbook as a resource, not just a bunch of problems to solve, but to gain information. We expect students to take responsibility for their education by actively working at learning mathematics. We want students to retain information and skills and develop strong problem solving skills, one such skill is to develop a way to choose the best strategy for solving a problem. We strive to create creative, problem solvers who know how to collaborate and communicate clearly.

Student Tip of the Week

Week 34

Look For and Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning Can you notice when calculations are repeated? Then can you find short-cuts or make generalizations?.

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Secondary Mathematics Resources

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