Process Sequence

Part Ed 1104


Ed 1104.01 Sequence of Special Education Process. The sequence of the special education process shall be:

(a) Referral;

(b) Evaluation;

(c) Determination of eligibility;

(d) Development and approval of the IEP;

(e) Placement;

(f) Ongoing monitoring of the IEP; and

(g) Annual review of the IEP.

SAU#39, serving the Amherst, Mont Vernon and Souhegan Cooperative School Districts, will be disposing of special education records at the beginning of each new calendar year in compliance with ED 119.01. Special Education records of past students, 25-60 years of age, will be disposed of with the exception of their last Individualized Education Plan, which will remain on file until the student is 60 years of age.