Therrien Team 2018

Ferry Beach:  Therrien Team





Oct. 3

After a breakfast of eggs and hashbrowns, students explored lessons in the forest as well as the tide pools.  At the tide pools today, students discovered and held sea urchins, crabs and starfish.  They also saw the end of the cycle of life for a seal.  Most remarkably, everyone saw the sun emerge today!  Students discovered that the sky is indeed blue!

Oct. 2

A productive morning at the tide pools, and in the forest, followed a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausage.  After lunching on homemade flatbread, chili and salad, today students will explore abiotic adventures as well as the jetty, the beach, and the dunes.  Students and educators are braving the winds and rain while learning about our ocean ecosystems.  Forecast promises clearer skies for Wednesday.

"Journaling, weather theater and a blustery coastline begin our week, but spirits are high and minds are engaged!"

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Oct. 1

The 8th grade Therrien team has arrived safely at The Ecology School.

 "We're braving the rain with smiles and enthusiasm."