Kalenik Team at The Ecology School

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Students journaled about seeing this Minke whale which washed up along the beach.



Thursday, Sept. 27

Over sixty wide eyed scientists were the first in the United States to see the sun rise this morning. The weather today is autumn at its best-azure blue skies, warm sun with a chill in the air. Students conducted their eco inquiry today and will be presenting their results at this evenings lesson. We are scheduled to depart at 11:30 tomorrow which will put us back at Walmart at about 1:45.Please check the school website for arrival time updates.

Wednesday, Sept. 26

We had dry weather yesterday morning and students were fascinated by their lessons at either the salt marsh or tide pools. At the tide pools we saw green crabs, periwinkles, barnacles, sea stars and anemones. Students learned how to identify and safely handle each organism. Students were intrigued by the unique ecosystem of the salt marsh and the valuable role of decomposes.

The heavy rain held off until last night when we had indoor lessons, either town meeting or marine lab.  This morning is sunny and warm, the nicest day yet and we are ready to begin new adventures in learning.


Tuesday, Sept. 25

A few other photos from today...

Tide pools  Tide pool  Tide pools  Tide pools  


Last nights delicious meal was pasta with home made tomato sauce, fresh baked bread and salad. Dessert was brownies. After dinner the students had their first night lesson marine lab or nature at night. After a quiet, restful night we awoke to a cloudy but dry morning. Students are exploring the tide pools or salt marsh this morning. We feel so fortunate to be spending this time together at the oceans edge.


Monday, Sept. 24 

Hello from Ferry Beach!

The students have had a great first day and the day is winding down as  night lessons come to an end. 

We had a busy day of moving into our dorms. Lunch was salad and chicken fajitas.  The afternoon lesson was on the ABC's of Ecology.  After a dinner of Pasta and Red Sauce, salad, and a Brownie the students completed their journal writing and then headed out into the night for their final lessons.

Now comes the task of somehow getting all these kids quietly and efficiently to bed and asleep by 10. 

Good Night from Ferry Beach