Nature's Classroom

Nature's Classroom Pictures!



September 27

Yesterday for dinner we had meatloaf, fingerling potatoes and roasted carrots. We watched and performed skits for “Wednesday Night Live”. It was so funny and the teachers even had their own skits! Breakfast this morning was fried eggs, Canadian bacon, and bagels. Today is Hike Day! We’re going on a hike and bringing our own hotdog lunch to cook outside!


September 26

 We’re about to start another amazing day at Nature’s Classroom. Yesterday was wet but we still had so much fun. We had tacos for lunch and yummy chicken and rice for dinner. Dessert yesterday was warm apple crisp! We ended the night exploring the world around us at the Science Fair. Breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes and chicken sausage-YUM! Since it is still a little damp out, we’re saving our hike for tomorrow and playing Predator and Prey!


September 25

We're having a wonderful time and are very well fed!  

Yesterday was make your own sandwiches for lunch, then baked ziti for dinner and we had a hardy breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes and bacon for breakfast!

We're off to our field groups!


September 24

The sixth grade has arrived safely to Nature's Classroom, we're looking forward to a great week!