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Course selection for 21-22 School Year (7th/8th)

AMS Elective Options 2021-2022


Course selection/electives online form to be completed and submitted for each rising 5-8 AMS student by Mon., April 19:


The following elective courses are available for 7th and 8th grade AMS students.  The course descriptions below are offered to help students better understand what courses are available to them.  Please review the course descriptions carefully as some are grade specific.  Using the AMS course selection form, students will be able to rank their list of preferred courses. 

ALL AMS 7th/8th grade students will be scheduled for:

  • Wellness (2 trimesters of PE and 1 trimester of Health)
  • Music (at least one of the following courses: Band (yr), Chorus (yr), or General Music (semester)
  • World Language (French or Spanish); most 7th and 8th grade students are scheduled into a World Language unless an  alternative recommendation is made by school counselor 
  • 2 Semester long elective classes if enrolled in Band or Chorus; 3 Semester long classes if enrolled in General Music.  Semester elective course descriptions are listed below.  


Semester Elective Course Descriptions


Digital Technology

Digital Technology (7th or 8th grade)

Students will develop computational thinking and build excitement about computing. In addition to learning about programming and algorithms, students build awareness about computing skills in all fields while exploring future careers. Students investigate issues regarding ethics, safety, and security on the Internet. Educational technology skills are embedded throughout the course content and an emphasis is placed on the creative problem solving fundamental to computer science. 


Yearbook  (8th grade only) 

Students will gain skills in page design, editing, and collaboration while producing a creative, innovative yearbook which records school memories and events. Students will be involved in the planning, creation, sales and marketing of the yearbook. There is an emphasis on real-world digital skills and collaboration in this class.


Coding FUNdamentals   (7th or 8th grade)

Students will engage in an introductory computer science course that emphasizes problem-solving, creative thinking, creation and collaboration with a focus on coding. Students will also investigate the significant impact that computer science has on their lives and their futures. 


Intro to Engineering Design (7th or 8th grade)

Students will explore, design, redesign, analyze, and evaluate technological and engineering systems. By simulating systems and assessing their impacts, students gain insight into how to approach the problems and opportunities of a technological and engineering world. Students apply the engineering design process through participation in hands-on engineering projects. They also explore technology and engineering careers.

Family and Consumer Science

FACS Experience (7th or 8th grade)

Students will explore three main Units: Consumerism, Collaborative Cooking Labs and Fabric Arts. The Consumerism Unit involves the topic of money management through the lens of food costs. Students will watch the documentary movie: Living On One Dollar, discuss food budgets, and meal planning. Students will create a Menu project with recipes and a grocery list. Each semester all students have the opportunity to participate in a Saturday community service project: The Grocery Game, a fun interactive team based grocery shopping game, with all the proceeds donated to SHARE Food pantry in Milford. The Collaborative Cooking Unit continues student learning with following recipes, proper measuring, kitchen safety, and basic cooking techniques. They prepare recipes to eat in class and follow proper clean up procedures. The Focus will be Making Easy Weeknight dinners. Students will have a lovely collection of family friendly recipes by the end of the semester.The Fabric Arts unit will focus on Sewing machine work. Students will learn how to thread and operate the machine and read a pattern. Students will work on a variety of projects (pillowcase, drawstring backpack, kitchen apron and oven mit, pajama pants).


Innovation and Design

Innovation and Design Experience (7th or 8th grade)

Learn about simple machines and use The 4 C’s of problem solving along with the VEX EDR ClawBot to solve a series of problems

Learn TinkerCAD , a 3D drafting program and use the drafting program to create 3d models. Then use the 3d printer to print a 3d design of your own creation.

Learn Inkscape, a 2d drawing program. Create your own designs that can be engraved using the CNC laser.

Use Scratch 3 to program a Smart House, powered by a Raspberry Pi. Breadboard your design (prototype) then implement it in a smart house!

Learn coding in Scratch 3 - a drag-and-drop language, and work through fun challenges. The programming concepts of sequencing, loops, conditionals, and functions help develop problem-solving skills (as needed).

Learn about electricity - learn about electronics, schematic diagrams, basic wiring, and Ohm's law. Use breadboards, wire, LEDs, switches, resistors and potentiometers to physically wire basic circuits (as needed).


Visual Arts

Art Experience  (7th or 8th grade) 

This course is designed for students to explore and experience creative expression, critical evaluation, and a greater appreciation for the Visual Arts. While learning about the elements and principles of design, students will develop their drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking skills. A variety of famous artists and their styles throughout history will be studied. This course is open to all students who would like to participate in a fun and creative atmosphere. 

Photography: Drawing With Light  (7th or 8th grade) 

We see photographs every day on television, on the Internet, and in magazines and newspapers. What makes a great photograph? How did the artist capture a story? What are careers in photography? In this course, students learn and apply fundamental skills to use a camera and take photographs of animals, people, and landscapes. Students gain an understanding of how photography can be a means of documentation or high art. Students examine photographic careers and explore self-reflection to progress their creative growth as they develop a photographic portfolio. This course helps students select subjects, take a photograph, and print and display memories!

Ceramics-  (8th grade only)

This class will introduce students to building with clay. Focus will be on handbuilding techniques; pinch, coil, slab. Students will also have an opportunity to experience the potters wheel. Creativity and quality craftsmanship are emphasized. Students will learn the basic vocabulary of ceramics as well as methods of surface treatment, firing and other related aspects. Art history, aesthetics and art criticism will be incorporated through the course.