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Q3 Progress Report Available in Empower Parent Portal

 Q3 Progress Report Letter to Families



April 5, 2021

Dear Families,

We are excited to share with you your student’s Quarter 3 progress report.  You can access your student’s report by logging into the Empower parent portal at https//  and clicking on the Print Progress Report button.  You can also  visit our website for detailed instructions on how to log into Empower and access progress reports:    Comments are included for any year long course or any Integrated Arts course that is completed.  Student’s current Integrated Arts courses will have comments included in the next progress report.   If your child changed teachers or learning modalities over the course of the last two segments, a duplicated comment providing information on the focus for instruction might appear with both teachers’ names on your child’s progress report. 

This report shows your student’s current level of mastery in each of the course competencies (ex. Reading: Literature or Writing).  In this report, all of the standards within a competency (ex. Reading: Literature or Writing) are averaged together to produce an overall score for that competency.  We encourage you to review this report with your student and also ask them to log into Empower Learning ( and share their progress.   We truly believe that the online portal can be a catalyst for healthy powerful conversations between you, your student, and the school.  

Each report you receive this year will add more standards and evidence as students progress through the curriculum.   All student work is scored against SAU39-wide scoring guides (rubrics).  Scores will continue to roll through the year and will be finalized at the end of the school year.  This allows students to continue to add evidence to their portfolio for each standard. 

 A score of IWS in any competency indicates that your student has missing work for that course.  Significant missing work not only impacts our ability to assess a student’s level of mastery but may impact their readiness for the next grade level in that content area.  Teachers will continue to offer supports to students who have  incomplete work, but we will also offer a summer competency recovery program for students who have not yet completed work to demonstrate mastery of grade level expectations.  You can support by reviewing missing work in Empower with your student and encouraging them to complete this work to demonstrate their understanding.  

We look forward to continued partnership and communication over the course of the school year so that we can help support and challenge each child to realize and reach for their full potential!  



Dr. Bethany Bernasconi