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Required Daily Covid Screening

REQUIRED Daily Covid Screening/Reporting 

All parents of in person students will be required to complete the daily COVID-19 screening form in PowerSchool by 7:00 AM.  The form re-sets overnight each night, and so must be completed in the morning for that school day.

It is imperative that this form is filled out on a daily basis in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and staff.

If the form is not filled out by 7:00 AM, you will receive an email notification with a warning message asking you to complete the form by 7:30AM.

If the student enters the building without the form being filled out, a two-strike system has been established by the district. The first time the form is not completed, the parent is called and the student’s temperature is checked. On the second occurrence, the parent will be called and the student will be dismissed from school.

The COVID screener is located in the PowerSchool parent portal (on a browser). If you use the PowerSchool mobile app, a link is posted in bulletins that will take you to the parent portal on a browser. The screening will appear upon login (top visual). Once you complete the screening, the message will change to green

This form must be completed daily for all in person students by 7am.  


If you are having any trouble with technology, please reply to this email ( and let us know that you've screened your child/children or call us at 673-8944, x-0



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