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AMS Remote Learning Plan

3/18/2020 Communication: AMS Remote Learning Plan


Dear Families,  

First, thank you for your patience, encouragement, and offers of assistance as our community of learners prepares to meet the needs of all our students in the coming weeks.  While the situation is certainly challenging all of us, it has been incredible to witness our community come together to support one another. The message below contains important information that I hope will help you better understand how we will support students and what you can expect on a day to day basis.  

AMS Remote Learning Goals:

  1. Maintaining connections and relationships with students to provide a sense of community - This is our priority always and especially during this time.  We strive to create a safe learning environment for all students where they feel seen and heard.  
  2. To provide meaningful instruction and learning opportunities for students


Keeping Connected

During this difficult time, relationships and connection will be central to our success in keeping students engaged in the school community. For this reason, all students have been provided an Anchoring Adult during this period of remote learning. Administration took careful consideration in assigning Anchoring Adults. The assigned Anchoring Adult is one that the student has previously had a connection with whether it is a homeroom teacher, interventionist, or someone within the building that has formed a meaningful relationship with the student . 

The purpose of the Anchoring Adult is to keep our students connected to school, provide appropriate supports, and streamline communication. Your student can expect a voice contact by Friday, 3/20/2020, and an email from this individual with an introduction. Many have already connected!  This person will serve as your student’s and family’s primary contact during this time of disruption. Anchoring Adults will be contacting students twice weekly for a check in; however, students and families should feel free to connect with the individual anytime they have a question or are in need of additional assistance. Once a student or their family reaches out, they can expect to hear back within 24 hours during the school week.

What to expect this week (3/19-3/20)

Learning this week is all about getting connected and ready.  Teachers have been busy getting technology ready to interact with students.  Students should log into their GoogleClassrooms Thursday morning and look for messages from their teachers.  GoogleClassroom will be our launching platform for all learning and where teachers will post learning plans and announcements. I’ve linked a QuickStart Guide here if you need help getting your student started.  Teachers will be connecting with students and have a variety of activities available through GoogleClassroom to get everyone ready for our more structured learning on Monday.   Teachers will also be communicating with students via their school email accounts. Please have your student log into their email tomorrow and clear out old messages that are no longer needed.  Students should get in the habit of checking email in the morning and afternoon each school day. If your child is using a school laptop, they should have an Office365 icon that will help them log into email.  If you need additional directions, they can be found at this link: .


Weekly Learning Expectations (beginning 3/23)

On Monday 3/23, we will begin our first full week of instruction following the schedule outlined below.  We have worked to balance self-paced instruction with “live” time for students to connect with teachers as we know that families will have diverse scheduling needs.  


Core Courses (English, Social Studies, Math, and Science)

  • Monday, Wednesday, & Friday (Self-Paced)
      • Teachers will have a welcome video and learning plan posted for students by 7:30am each day in each of their GoogleClassrooms.  These learning plans will include activities for students to complete throughout the day on their own time or a schedule that families have planned.  


  • Tuesdays & Thursdays (Live meetings)
    • Teachers will hold Live Office Hours each Tuesday and Thursday.  They will post the times for these as well as the format in Google Classroom no later than 7:30am on the morning they occur.  These are optional for students and are drop in sessions to connect, ask questions, or get some help.  
    • Teachers may also schedule whole class meetings, small group, or individual meetings with students on these days.  Teachers will reach out to students ahead of time to schedule these. When teachers need to schedule these meetings, they will follow the AMS Bell Schedule to prevent overlap.  These meetings will only happen when the teacher needs to schedule them and may not include every student.  


World Language:

  • Tuesday & Thursday (Self-Paced)
      • These are Self-Paced days as described above.


  • Wednesday
      • Spanish Only will hold Live meetings as described above. 


  • Friday 
      • French Only will hold Live meetings as described above. 


Integrated Arts:

  • All Integrated Arts courses your child is currently enrolled in will post the learning plan for the week on Monday of each week by 7:30am in their GoogleClassrooms.  



We will continue to track attendance during this time.  This is optional and information shared will be treated as confidential, going only to the school nurses.  If your child is sick and unable to participate in the day’s learning. Please consider completing the form accessed by this link:


Technical Support

Parent/student technical support contact through this Google Form  or via email:



We know there will be many questions for us to work through in the coming days.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to classroom teachers, your student’s Anchoring Adult, or School Counselors with questions. We will all be checking email throughout the school day.  For general questions, or if you’re not sure who to reach out to, please email