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Letter on Dreambox Learning Online Math Program

Dreambox Math Parent Login and Info 

Dreambox Login Instructions


June 12, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Before you embark on your summer adventures, we wanted to share information on how your child can continue with both reading and math practice this summer.  We encourage your child to continue reading this summer and our summer reading recommendations can help your child find books of interest at the appropriate level. 

Amherst Middle School has been using DreamBox Learning, a supplemental, online math program for all students in grades 5-8.  This program is available to students all summer and we encourage your child to continue routine math practice throughout the summer using DreamBox Learning.  Your student can access DreamBox Learning anytime from any computer with internet access using our Clever single sign-on portal ( and their school email address and password.  Please see attached login information for access through an iPad app. 

This adaptive learning program helps students develop conceptual understanding, procedural skills, and learn how to apply mathematical concepts through problem solving.  Because of the program’s adaptive nature, it is critical that parents do not help their child at home with DreamBox Learning assignments.  DreamBox Learning will adapt to the appropriate math level for each child and will provide lessons based on his/her needs.  If you help your child at home, the program will adapt to the parent’s level of mathematical understanding, not the child’s level. 

Please see the attached Parent Login Quick Access Guide for more details on setting up your family dashboard and tips for home usage.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and we look forward to welcoming you back in the fall!



Bethany Bernasconi