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Spring Book Fair at AMS

Spring in for the SCHOLASTIC Book Fair

beginning on Monday, March 25th

  View the details:   AMS Spring Book Fair Homepage


Our fair will be open throughout the week from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. for students and community members to freely visit. All Science teachers have been invited to bring each of their classes to visit.


This Spring there are some amazing new features! Don’t want to send cash or a blank check to school with your student? Sign up online for an EWALLET. Follow the link above and scroll down the page to the green rectangle, then click GET STARTED, Go to eWallet, “register” and complete registration. Your child doesn’t need to bring anything to the Fair, we will have online access to all the EWALLET accounts.


In addition, you, any other family member, or friend may shop our ONLINE FAIR from March 16th through March 29th, with access to even more Scholastic resources. Online, there is a wider selection of books to purchase for younger students, as well as more mature and adult titles. All online purchases will be shipped to the school at the END of fair.


55% of the purchases goes back to the AMS Library! The more items our AMS community purchases, the more freebies we will be able to add to the library after the Fair.


If you drive to AMS, please stop in the library for a visit, a tour, or just to introduce yourself. Library Assistant, Mrs. Mary Epstein, and I would love to meet you and share our newest purchases with you. The AMS Library is your library, too! Feel free to call the library X 7108 with any questions or wish to VOLUNTEER!


Thank you for being a positive and proactive piece of our learning community!


Librarian Tiffany Maher