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High School Mini Team 9M & 10M Update

July 18, 2018


We hope this communication finds you enjoying the summer- 

Heat waves and thunderstorms make it difficult to imagine leaves flying and snow days. 

However, that inevitability keeps us busy all summer planning and preparing for a new school year. 

Please see below for an update: 


Mini Team 

Recently, schedules were sent to tenth grade parents.  Schedules for ninth grade parents will be sent today, July 18, 2018.   

Parents of ninth and tenth graders will see their student team assignment listed as 9A, 9B or 9M and 10Y, 10Z or 10M.  Our 9M and 10M teams are our mini-teams for this school year.  As we have done in prior years, we are using a mini-team structure this year to reduce class size.  Without the mini-team our current enrollment for both ninth and tenth would place approximately 100 students on each team, resulting in classes of approximately 25.  The mini-team provides an opportunity to reduce class size and provide a positive, more personalized experience for our students.   

There is a ninth grade mini-team and a tenth grade mini-team. These are not mixed grade level teams.  Math classes are not impacted by the mini-team structure.  The mini team will be staffed by two dual certified teachers who are highly qualified and experienced for the mini-team structure. 

Matt McDonald, certified in both English and social studies, has taught both ninth and tenth grade. Matt has been instrumental in the recent curriculum development work for ninth grade and served as our Division One Coordinator. Additionally, Matt was the English/social studies teacher on our most recent mini teams. 

Kim Theriault, certified in both math/science, has taught both ninth and tenth grade. Kim has been intensely invested in the recent math and science curriculum design. Additionally, Kim was the math/science teacher on our recent mini-teams. 

The mini-team schedule  

Below is a sample of a typical order for classes on our mini-team. 

As with full size teams, mini-teams have flexibility to create schedules that enhance interdisciplinary work. 

 Grade 9 Sample Schedule            Grade 10 Sample Schedule

1         9th English                           1        10th Math
2         9th Social Studies                2        10th Science
3         9th Math                               3        10th English
4         9th Science                          4        10th Social Studies

Our priority is to provide a personalized, engaging, safe learning environment where teachers gain deep knowledge and respectful appreciation for each student. The mini-team allows us to distribute total student load, reduce class size and deploy inspiring teachers to best serve the ninth and tenth grade students.


Rob Scully, Principal

Souhegan High School