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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mont Vernon Teachers and School Board Reach Agreement


Mont Vernon Teachers and School Board Reach Agreement

Mont Vernon, NH – January 9, 2018 - The Mont Vernon School Board (“Board”) and the Mont Vernon Education Association (“MVEA”) are pleased to announce they have reached agreement on a three-year collective bargaining agreement effective July 1, 2018, subject to approval of cost items by Mont Vernon voters this March.

This agreement is a compromise on both sides that addresses teacher pay equality issues, while also employing cost containment strategies that will keep health insurance costs in line in the future.

Over the past decade, the MVEA had agreed to three years with a zero percent cost of living increase due to the economic downturn experienced in Mont Vernon. In the most recent three-year contract, the Board and the MVEA agreed to wage increases of 1.95%, 1.75% and 1.95%.

At current contract rates, Mont Vernon teachers are paid less than teachers in any of the surrounding towns and cities. All other teaching salaries were in the neighborhood of 4% to 20% higher than the compensation of a veteran Mont Vernon teacher.

This new agreement provides cost of living adjustments of 3.25%, 3.50%, and 4.00%. In exchange for these salary adjustments, two significant changes to health insurance were agreed to by both parties. First, the most expensive health insurance option will expire at the end of this contract. In addition, any excise taxes imposed on the District as a result of the Affordable Care Act will be split by both parties.

The tentative agreement reached by Board and MVEA negotiating teams in December has already been ratified by teachers and the full school board, and will be presented to voters for approval as part of the Mont Vernon School District budget process for the 2018-2019 school year.

Estimated annual cost impacts for the new agreement are as follows:

Fiscal Year Estimated Increase








The entire tentative agreement is available on the SAU #39 website,



Tom Driscoll


Adam Steel, Superintendent-Elect


Karin Alger, Mont Vernon Education Association President


Note: This press release was corrected to indicate that MVEA members had three years with a 0% cost of living adjustment, not six as was previously indicated, in error.