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Amherst School Board Announces Tentative Agreement with Amherst Support Staff Association


Amherst School Board and Amherst Support Staff Association Tentative Agreement

Amherst, NH – August 29, 2017 - The Amherst School Board and the Amherst Support Staff Association are pleased to announce that they have reached a tentative agreement for a new collective bargaining agreement. The parties have agreed to a five-year agreement starting July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2023.

The Amherst School Board greatly values its support staff and the vital role they play in the education of our children. The ASSA is full of dedicated, hard-working, and child-focused individuals who make a difference in some of the most thankless jobs in our school system.

The ASSA represents the paraprofessionals, office assistants, administrative assistants, office managers, information specialists, health assistants, and library assistants, head cooks, and school nutrition service workers employed by the Amherst School District. Many of the ASSA members are active community members in Amherst who also have children in the schools in SAU #39.

There are currently 69 employees who are paid according to the ASSA’s collective bargaining agreement.
The parties are proud of the work that was done to produce an agreement that is fair to both parties and a win for tax-payers. The negotiation process was collaborative, thoughtful, and positive.

Highlights of the tentative agreement:

  • Restructured job titles and salary schedules in the first year to more accurately reflect job duties;
  • Total cost of approximately 1.8% in the first year, 1.2% in years 2-4, and 1.5% in year 5;
  • Medical insurance restructuring away from an 86% district contribution for every plan to a driver-based system where the District contributes a flat dollar amount regardless of the plan chosen by the employee starting at 78% district contribution the first year and 75% in the final year; and,
  • The prescription benefit employee copay was changed for all plans from $1/$3/$5 to $10/$20/$45 for all employees.

The cost of the tentative agreement is an increase of approximately $49,500 the first year, less than $35,000 in years 2-4 and approximately $46,000 in the final year. (Exact amounts will be updated when updated health insurance rates are received this fall).

Voters in Amherst will have the opportunity to approve the cost items associated with the tentative agreement on March 13, 2018.


 Amherst School Board and Amherst Support Staff Association Tenetative Agreement