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How to install the VMware Horizon View Client

  1. Open a web browser and go to
    1. For your personal computer, you need to Install VMware Horizon View Client:

  1. Once you’re on the download page, choose the client app that is for your system. Once downloaded please install this app.
  2. During the installation when asked for the server name that you want to connect, you are going to use, the same URL as the original web page at the beginning of this doc.

  1. With the client installed, open the client and the server name that you entered should be chosen connection server like so:

  1. Enter your username and password that you normally use for accessing the network in school then click login.  

  1. Once you are logged in you will need to select the computer that you want to use. There might be more than one computer to choose depending on the group you have been assigned too. At the this time we are only going to be using the FacultyDesktop pool of computers.

  1. After you double click connect you will be logged into one of the FacultyDesktop computers within the pool.

    1. The computer that is chosen for you is one of many virtual computers that are all alike. All of these computers have the full Office suite on them and other commonly used applications.

    2. You can choose to setup your email client just like you would on a normal desktop. When you first open Outlook all your information should be filled in for you and all you need to do is click next throughout the setup prompts. You will be asked for your password when setting up outlook, I highly recommend that you check the box save your password during this install.

    3. Your U drive should accessible for you.

    4. Any setting that you change to your profile should remain every time you login to this pool of computers. So by configuring your email or a printer it should remember these setting next login.

    5.  If you install any application on any of these computers 1. You most likely will not get the same computer in the pool 2. When the desktop refreshes it will be removed and the desktop will be back to the pristine state.

    6. If you would like a particular software installed on the desktop please send me the request and I will see about placing it in the master image. Note that not all software requested will be installed. These are shared computers throughout the district and not everything is a good idea to install for every user. If this is an issue there are other things that can be done and arranged at this time.

  2. That’s is it. You should be on your remote desktop. This service works across all platforms so if you need a desktop on your tablet device or even your phone (it’s not that easy to use), this will work.