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Summer Reading Packet

June, 2019

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Happy Summer!  Along with all of the fun activities your children will be engaged in over the summer, let's keep their love of reading going! Research has found how very important it is for your children to continue reading on an ongoing basis over the summer so that they maintain the strategies and skills that they’ve learned over the course of this past year.

We are kicking off a summer reading incentive for students in grades K-4, in which your children independently read “just right” texts that they are excited about reading and then keep a record of the texts they have read.  The readers in our schools know what a “just right” text is, but as a reminder, it is a text that you can read smoothly and has only a few places where you need to slow down and figure out a word or think more about the meaning.  It is important that children read “just right” texts opposed to texts that are too easy or too challenging for them so that they are able to comprehend them independently.  Below, please find the guidelines of this incentive:

  • Students read for at least 20 minutes, 5 days a week.
  • They record the books they've read as well as the author, minutes read, how the text was read, and whether the text was Easy, Just Right, or Challenging on a copy of the Reading Log. Parents initial next to each text read.
  • Children are also encouraged to fill out a Reading Reflection sheet after reading to help students write about the thinking they did while reading.
  • Students turn in their Reading Log and any completed Reading Reflection sheets to their next year's teacher the first week of school in September and will be recognized as being a Super Summer Reader and a literacy role model in our school!

Below are some resources that may be helpful when children are selecting "just right texts" to read:

RazKids – Interactive, leveled e-books for children in grades K-4 at Clark-Wilkins.  The login is the same that it has been this past school year.  If your child does not know their login, please email your child’s 2017-2018 teacher. This will only work if your child’s teacher created an account.

Local Library – We encourage families to visit their local libraries regularly.

We can’t wait to hear about all of the exciting reading experiences your children have over the summer!


The Clark-Wilkins Literacy Team

Lorraine Stockwell & Becky Flynn                                                                    

Reading Specialists                                                                                                                                                                   

Rhonda DuBois

Literacy Teacher