AMS Mission and Goals

    Mission:  Fill our students “tool boxes” so that whatever path they choose they have the opportunity to traverse that road.​  

    Using multi-tiered system of supports, help each child to reach their greatest potential to be college and career ready.



    • Ensure that students & staff are healthy, safe, & supported emotionally, physically, & socially.

    • Design, implement, & support a competency based curriculum anchored in performance assessment. 

    • Develop & implement a system to better communicate student progress through the differentiation of process & product grades.

    • Ensure that our facilities & processes promote a safe environment for learning through capacity building, training, & strategic maintenance. 


    SAU 39 Educational Vision 


    SAU 39 Mission Statement:  We will engage, challenge, and support all learners.  

    SAU 39 Core Values:  Our schools cultivate and model our belief in our students’ ability to learn when: 

    •  We surround our children with caring adults. 
    •  We promote a culture of collaboration, reflection, and responsibility. 
    •  We uphold high academic, civic, and social learning expectations. 
    •  We prepare students for college, work, and citizenship. 
    •  We nurture curiosity, empathy, and lifelong learning. 
    •  We challenge students to grapple with serious questions and ideas. 
    •  We refine teaching and learning through research and use of best practices. 
    •  We celebrate effort and achievement of all members of our learning community. 
    •  We work in partnership with our communities. 
    •  We measure our progress with a variety of indicators.