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    CLASS OF 2024

    UPDATE: July 9th  Hello Students, Parents and Guardians!

    We hope you have been enjoying the start to your summer vacation. We want to update you on some things that might be on your mind….

    Student Schedules - Souhegan is moving to a new student information system called Powerschool. While we are excited about this change, transitioning from one system to another is very complex and has caused some delays in scheduling. We are working hard to develop the most efficient and optimal schedule for our students. We anticipate sending schedules to you by the end of July.

    Counselor Appointments - Student Services is on a summer schedule. Counselors are available during the month of August for appointments on specific scheduled days. Any schedule change requests are based on the availability of courses. Please contact Veronica Gallant at vgallant@sprise.com to schedule an appointment.

    Student Material Return/Belonging Pick-up: We will provide students with the opportunity to return to campus for material drop off and belonging pick up July 13-15th . Drop off/Pick up times will be organized alphabetically based on last name and will take place over the course of the identified three days. Specific details will be sent next week.

    Advanced Placement Courses: Students who have enrolled in AP and Advanced courses for the coming academic year may have some summer work assigned to help you prepare for the AP curriculum. AP teachers will be contacting the students who have enrolled in their classes to communicate the expectations for summer work. We will also be posting the assignments on the school web-site. If you have a question regarding a specific course or assignment, please contact the teacher directly.

    AP Material Pick-Up: Students who have been contacted by their AP teacher with instructions to pick up summer material, may do so on July 13th, 14th or 15th in conjunction with 2019-2020 material return and personal belonging pick-up. Families will receive a specific date and access window alphabetically based on last name.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer! Stay well.

    If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Driscoll, Dean of Students at kdriscoll@sprise.com

    SHS Annex 

    Welcome Class of 2024! 

    I hope you and your families are all well during this crazy time. As we have entered the last month of the school year and we are all working hard to stay engaged in remote learning and end the year strong, we are also beginning to plan for your transition to high school. We are very excited and hope you are too! We want to provide you with some information to help your transition to Souhegan High School. We understand you might have lots of questions and feelings about the transition. Whether you are excited or nervous (or both!), it is completely normal during a transition. No worries, we gotcha! 

    Mission Statement: Did you know that Souhegan has a mission statement? Check out this video that our students and staff put together to show you the importance of our mission statement. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO!!

    Virtual Step Up: On Wednesday, May 20th at 11:00, our 9th grade teachers and students will host a virtual step up webinar to welcome you to Souhegan High School and talk with you about what to expect as a Souhegan freshman. Your current teachers will work with you to collect questions you might have so we can be prepared to answer them during the webinar. You will receive an email invite a few days before the event with the link to the zoom Virtual Step Up. Start thinking about questions you might want to ask your future teachers!

    Schedules: As you might remember, Souhegan counselors visited AMS in March and presented course selection information to your classes. In the days following the presentations, you did a great job completing the course requests. Unfortunately, due to the timing of our move to remote learning, we did not have the opportunity to meet with most of you to confirm your course selection. We were really disappointed because this is one of our favorite times of the year. We really missed meeting with you! We did however review all of your course requests and reached out to those students and parents we had questions for. We are currently in the process of creating the master schedule. During this time, we are unable to make any changes to the requests. Once counselors receive the completed schedules, we will again reach out to you if there are any conflicts or questions. We will keep you updated as we move through the process and let you know when schedules are getting ready to be released.

    Souhegan Athletics: Welcome Class of 2024 to Saber Nation. We are eternally hopeful that we will be able to play a fall sports season this coming school year and with that hope in mind we wanted to share with you the Athletic team offerings for the fall. Souhegan has bass fishing, a coed cross country team, field hockey, football, coed golf, boys soccer, girls soccer, fall spirit (aka cheerleading) and girls volleyball. We also offer a Fall Crew Club in conjunction with the Amherst Recreation Department. Normally, you would be invited to an afternoon sign up in June to let coaches know what you are interested in. Since that is not possible, I am asking you to send me the following:

    · your name

    · your school email address (which you monitor REGULARLY)

    · a parent name

    · a parent email

    · fall sport of interest

    Please send this to ppaul@sprise.com, my name is Pam Paul, and I am the assistant to the Athletic Director at Souhegan. As the chief paper chaser, I will keep a list and as decisions are made I will forward your name to the coach of your sport and you will be added to their email list. Coaches often send out summer suggestions for staying fit and getting ready to play. As August rolls around many teams will have preseason workouts and you will hear of these through the coach or team captain. Right now I know that the coaches are saying to get off the couch (after your zoom classes) and get moving. Think back to your AMS teams and remember the strength conditioning and drills you did then. Sadly, our fields and track are closed right now so find your back yard or driveway and get creative--while practicing social distancing. 

    One thing all rising freshman need to be aware of is that the Fall Sports season usually begins in mid August, sometimes two or three weeks before the first day of school. This is try-out time as well as your first weeks of practice. We say this because we want you to think of this as your family makes any end of summer travel plans.

    Souhegan Activities

    Playing on a sports team does not appeal to everyone. Souhegan also offers many afterschool clubs and activities to become involved with. We have everything from Acapella to moments of Zen (found in our yoga club.)

    · Performing Arts--band, singing, and drama groups

    · Writing --our digital magazine offers hard-hitting journalism, fiction writing and photo essay opportunities

    · Math Club, Mock Trial, Robotics, Granite State Challange

    · Video making and Video game playing

    · Intermural sports, Badminton, Equestrian Club, Rock Climbing and Uno Mas

    · Service -- Best Buddies and Interact

    · Student Government -- Community Council

    · Yoga, Book Club, Culinary, Coding and Chess

    Many of these clubs meet after school and are over before the fall sports practices begin so you don't have to pick one route of afterschool fulfillment over the other. Our club offerings change from year to year, if you have an interest talk to us and we will see what we can do.

    Our last suggestion is that you become familiar with our Souhegan website. The School Calendar, Athletic Calendar, individual sports pages, issues of The Claw and spotlights on our community are all found here. As the new school year gets closer the sites blossom with information as well as contact information. If you have questions you can contact me, Pam Paul at ppaul@sprise.com at the email listed earlier -- I am not going anywhere -- I would love to hear from you and start to get to know the Freshman Class. Share your extracurricular activity ideas with me; stay connected! 

    Campus Tours:  Since you were unable to physically visit the school on step up day, we have plans to offer several opportunities for campus tours later this summer before school starts. We know how important it is for you to see where everything is. As soon as we can schedule campus visits, we will let you know!

    School Counselor Contacts: School counselors are assigned by team in 9th grade. School counselors are available throughout the summer during scheduled times. If you would like to contact a counselor and/or schedule a meeting over the summer, don’t hesitate to reach out. Any counselor can assist you. Veronica can also help schedule appointments for you or put you in touch with a counselor. Veronica Gallant – Student Services Administrative Assistant vgallant@sprise.com

    Souhegan Reads: Welcome incoming freshmen! We invite you to take advantage of our annual summer reading opportunity this summer! Please find all relevant information on the Souhegan Reads 2020 website. Please direct any questions to Librarian Sarah Kunyosying at sknuyosying@sau39.org We look forward to meeting you in the fall!