Welcome to our school!
    School hours for grades K-4 are:

    Clark-Wilkins Elementary: 7:45 AM - 2:25 PM



    • Preschool (Monday-Thursday only):
    • Morning session TBD
    • Afternoon session TBD

    To keep classroom interruptions at a minimum, please leave items to be delivered to the classroom in the school office. They will be delivered at an appropriate time.

    Pickup Patrol is our online system to manage special instructions or exceptions for dismissal purposes. Parents are responsible for entering this information before 12:30pm on the school day on which the change begins. Any changes made after 12:30pm will be exceptions and related to unexpected, emergency events. Such changes can be made via phone directly to the Main Office. Given the number of students we ask that you limit these exceptions to assure the safety of all students.

    Below are the definitions we are using to clarify the four major types of dismissal:

    WALKER—defined as any student who is leaving the school property by foot, bike, skateboard, or scooter and not in a vehicle. All Wilkins walkers will meet a designated staff member and be escorted down to the crosswalk. If you are meeting your child please do so at the end of the walkway rather than in front of the building as this space is dedicated to dismissing pick-ups.


    GROUP PICK-UP—defined as groups of students, such as Scouts or Daisies, who are meeting an adult leader in the Wilkins multipurpose room before heading to a destination.


    PICK-UP—defined as any student who is being picked up by vehicle using the vehicle pick-up line.


    BUS—defined as any student who will be going home by bus, either regularly assigned or on a different bus as entered by parent into Pickup Patrol.



    Students riding bicycles should not arrive before 7:30 AM. Bicycle racks are provided for the purpose of parking student bikes for the day. Bicycles should be walked on school property at all times. For the safety of our students we recommend they wear appropriately sized bicycle helmets. The school cannot assume responsibility for damage to bicycles, scooters, etc...