• The following is a list of resources for students to remotely access learning materials. Please see below for links and login instructions.

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  • ABCYA.com


    ABCya provides over 400 fun and educational games for grades PreK through 6.  Subscription at Clark-Wilkins for students and teachers.

    Login through Clever 


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  • Brain Pop 1


    Animated educational resources for upper elementary and middle school grades.



    BrainPop Jr.

    Animated educational resources for Grades K-3.

    Please login via Clever (below).


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  • code


    Coding and computer sciences courses and activities for K-12. 

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  • Clever


    Platform to log into many other online learning resources.

    Select "Clever Badge Login" OR login with active Directory using school email address and password.

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    Discovery Education 

    Currated content for all STEM areas and social studies.  Free subscription for all schools through the NHDOE. 

    Login through Clever.  

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  • Dreambox

    Dreambox Access

    Student Math Resource K-1 at MVVS. Can be used at home and in school.

    Sign in via Clever (see above directions for Clever login).

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  • EB


    Research database for K-12 including EBSCO host, Explora, and Novel List.  Login through Clever. 

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  • Epic!


    Instant access to a library of digital children's books.

    Teachers will share class codes with students to access via Google Classroom.

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  • FSI

    Fog Stone Isle 

    Math activities through a gaming environment that  constantly adapts to each child's abilities. For grades 3-6.  Access through Clever and sign in through Google.  

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  • Shakespeare

    Folger Shakespeare

    Visit to read the full, searchable text of Shakespeare's plays, along with scene summaries, essays, and textual notes.

    Shakespeare for Kids 

    Find activities, materials, and games for kids about Shakespeare, his plays, his life, and his times.

    Folger Teach & Learn

    Resources for teaching Shakespeare

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  • GIZ

    Gizmos Science 

    Science interactivities for AMS students.  Please see your science teacher for login information. 

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  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy

    Offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace in math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more.

    Sign in via Clever (see above directions for Clever login) or contact your child's teacher for login information. 

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  • MAH


    Math Learning Center Math at Home 

    Free website with math activities for grades preK through five.  

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  • NEWSela


    Text resource on a variety of topics. Student access for AMS, MVVS, and SHS students.

    Sign in via Google using school email address.

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  • NT

    Noodle Tools 

    Research management platform.  For AMS and SHS students.  Sign in through Clever.  

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  • No Red Ink

    No Red Ink

    Writing resource for students containing excercises and curriculum.

    Login with school email and password. 

    (For students whose teachers have created a "class" on the site, please reach out to teachers for class code or invitation link.)

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  • PebbleGo


    Subject area databases for K-3 with informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy supports. Current subscription includes Biographies and Animals.

    Access through Clark-Wilkins, and Mont Vernon school library homepages or through Clever. 

    Click here for library website.

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  • Prodigy Game


    Engaging, curriculum-aligned math platform for grades 1-8.

    Contact your child's teacher for login information.

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  • Raz Kids

    Raz Kids

    Reading resource for students at CW and MVVS; can be accessed by students at home.

    Contact your child's teacher for login information.

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  • RP

    Reading Plus

    Reading comprehension, vocabulary and eye tracking practice.  Access for all AMS students and select MVVS and SHS students.  Login through Clever. 

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  • ReadWorks


    Reading passages and questions.

    Teachers will share class login code with students via Google Classroom.

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  • safari montage

    Click HERE to access Safari Montage.

    Login- use Google login.

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  • HMH

    Science Dimensions (HMH)

    Core science resource for grades 6-8.

    Sign in with school email address.

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  • Storyline

    Storyline Online

    Favorite storybooks read aloud by favorite celebrities.

    Free resource; no login required.

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  • TumbleBooks

    TumbleBook Libraries

    Library of e-books and animated audio books for CW and MVVS students. 

    Access through Clever.  

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  • Typing.com


    Self-paced keyboarding practice.

    Sign in via Clever (see above for Clever login).

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  • WB

    World Book 

    Online access to World Book articles and multimedia for K-12 students.  Login through Clever. 

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  • Zoom


    Access through Clever (see above) or join your teacher's session through the posted link in Google Classroom.


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