• Streamline



    Consolidate processes and resources across the districts and SAU to become a more efficient and effective school system 
  • Strategy

    Investigate options for school district configurations in order to achieve operational efficiency 

    Invest in systems and processes to enable data-informed management and reporting 

Streamline Membership

Name Affiliation Position
Frank Brown Amherst Citizen Streamline Committee Chair
Mike Akillian Amherst Citizen
Lisa Ambrosio Town of Amherst Finance Director
Meg Beauchamp SAU 39 Director of Student Services
Ava Beaulieu Amherst Citizen
Steve Coughlan Souhegan Cooperative School Board
Amy Facey Amherst School Board Chair
Katie Hannan SAU 39 Director of Finance
Chris Janson Amherst Citizen Past Souhegan Board Member
Maggie McCabe Amherst Citizen
John Quinlan Mont Vernon School Board Vice Chair
John Schuttinger Mont Vernon Village School Principal
Betty Shankel Former SAU 39 Business Administrator
Adam Steel SAU 39 Business Administrator
Peter Warburton SAU 39 Superintendent