National Junior Honor Society


    Chapter Advisers:   Josh Cooley (jcooley@sau39.org) and Bryan Dine (bdine@sau39.org)

    We are proud to announce that we have an established chapter of the National Junior Honor Society at Amherst Middle School.

    NJHS was established by the National Association for Secondary School Principals (NASSP) in order to recognize and promote academic achievement while also encouraging the ideals of service, leadership, character, and citizenship. NASSP is also the parent organization of National Honor Society.

    Membership in NJHS is an honor that is awarded to a student by a faculty council, which consists of 5 faculty members appointed by the principal. Chapter advisers, also appointed by the principal, are non-voting members of the faculty council who are responsible for overseeing and promoting chapter activities.

    The co-advisers for our chapter are the seventh and eighth grade school counselors. Following the recommendation of the national office, the names of the faculty council members will be kept confidential because it is the chapter advisers and principal who are chiefly responsible for responding to parental or student concerns. This includes inquiries about why a student was not selected for induction into the chapter.

    A student must be in 7th or 8th grade and must have attended AMS for at least one full trimester to be considered for selection into our NJHS chapter. The first criterion that must be met for a student to be eligible for membership is scholastic achievement. Scholastic achievement is determined by the percentage of student scores that are 3 (meeting standards) or higher.  Consistent with our honor roll determination, at least 80% of content scores must be at a 3 or higher. All school records (traditional/mastery learning system) are examined to ensure that students are making academic progress in line with NJHS academic expectations.

    Students who are inducted into NJHS will be expected to continue to meet the level of excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship that led to their selection. Chapter members will also be expected to be actively involved in planning and carrying out chapter service projects. 



    NJHS Members hard at work...

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