• School Counseling Services:

    The Mont Vernon Village School (MVVS) works to engage, support and challenge all learners, academically and social/emotionally. This includes demonstrating respect for one another and the school facility, encouraging a sense of self-responsibility and taking pride in working to the best of one’s ability. The Second Step social emotional learning (SEL) program is currently used in grades K-6. Second Step is an SEL program that is “recognized as a key ingredient for school and life success. Second Step supports students’ academic achievement through reinforcing social-emotional and self-regulation skills. Second step skills can be applied to both the classroom and outside environments. Students with these skills are better able to maintain healthy relationships with peers and adults and have more coping strategies to manage stressful situations.” (secondstep.org)

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    Ms. Girard is excited to be here at MVVS. She is most looking forward to getting to know the students and helping them grow socially and emotionally, especially with all the change due to the pandemic last year. Ms. Girard will be teaching a weekly class based on social/emotional needs in each room. Ms. Girard has worked with kids and their families for the last 14 years as a clinician and is excited to bring her knowledge of mental health needs to the MVVS communitty. Please feel free to reach out to her with any questions!

    Anna Girard


    603-673-5141 ext. 3503