• School Counseling Services:

    Classroom Lessons:

    The Mission of SAU 39 is to engage, challenge, and support all learners. The Second Step curriculum provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to fully engage in their education, meet any challenge, and to both seek and provide support when necessary.

    The Second Step Curriculum is divided into four essential components:

    1. Skills for learning
    2. Empathy
    3. Emotion Management
    4. Problem Solving

    These four components assist the students at MVVS to better understand, manage, and express their own emotions, as well as practice and express empathy for others. Further the Second Step program assists students to develop positive relationships with both peers and staff, and make thoughtful choices regarding their own behavior.

    The Second Step Curriculum teaches students techniques to build confidence, set and achieve positive goals, collaborate well, and navigate the world more effectively.

     Short Term Individual Counseling:

    School counseling services are available to all students on an as needed basis. Any student is welcome to visit with the counselor at his/her own request, or at the request of a parent or teacher.  

    • Mrs. Robinson honors requests for confidentiality by both parents and students; however, open communication between parent, student, counselor, and teacher is always encouraged when appropriate.
    • School counseling is typically brief,  lasting only two to three sessions and is not meant to replace therapeutic services that students may receive outside of school.
    • With parent permission, some students may meet with the counselor for a longer period of time to address concerns that are greatly impacting his or her academic achievement.

     Small Group Counseling

    Small Groups are formed based on the needs and desires of the current school year. Typically, small groups are formed to address issues around:

    • Friendship skills
    • Social skills
    • Changing families

     Responsive Services:

    Mrs. Robinson is available at any time to all students experiencing any type of crisis. Mrs. Robinson will provide support to any student in need of assistance with self-regulation and emotion management.

     Related Services:

    Mrs. Robinson is available to any staff member, teacher, or parent that has a question or concern regarding a student. If you would like to make a referral, please complete the form under the "Referrals" tab.