• Clark-Wilkins Guidance Program

    Trisha Towne

    Guidance Counselor

    Grades 1-4



    Jane Lindsey

    Guidance Counselor

    Grades PK-K



    Lauren Bryan

    Social Worker




    Lindsey Veiga

    Social Worker




    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate Guidance program that supports the academic, social, emotional and career planning needs of all students. This program shall be comprehensive, proactive and responsive in nature and will be continually evaluated and improved through ongoing professional development; data collection; and collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators and the community as a whole.

    Guidance Program

    The Counseling Programs at Clark/Wilkins are comprehensive and developmental in nature and are based on the American School Counselor Association National Model. They encompass a combination of four program components: Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, Responsive Services, System Support and Program Development. Counseling Services include individual and group counseling and can be accessed through parent request, teacher recommendation and crisis intervention. Students are also encouraged to self-refer. Counseling focuses on problem solving, decision making, academic, personal and interpersonal/social concerns.

    Shining Stars

    This program recognizes students who are demonstrating over and above positive behaviors and is a way to reinforce acts of kindness, generosity, helpfulness and other character traits. At both schools, students who demonstrate exemplary behavior are given a star sticker. Whole classes are also recognized for positive behavior and choices by receiving a certificate of honor.