• The JLP is a unique opportunity to identify and explore a topic of interest to YOU. This is your chance to delve deeper into a humanities related topic, from gender dynamics in the Middle East, to the role of poetry in revolution, to bitcoin economics. You will select a global issue that piques your interest, craft an Essential Question to guide you through the process, and construct an explanatory research paper. Remember this is a chance for you to expand upon previous interests or even discover a new one. The JLP graduation requirement expects you to demonstrate your proficiency in the English and Social Studies Research and Writing Competencies with focused researched writing.


    • Conduct on-going self-assessment
    • Meets standard for WSP: Self-Direction
    • Participate in Collaborative Work Groups
    • Meets standard for WSP: Collaboration 
    • Present an Oral Defense of research
    • See separate project sheet
    • Draft, Conference & Revise your essay
    • Write a researched explanatory essay
    • 6 - 8 pages (double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 pt. font)
    • Logical structure (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion) 
    • Presents relevant information with accuracy and sufficient detail to support the controlling idea
    • Use a minimum of SIX different sources cited with in-text citations 
    • The 6 required cited sources should be used to support your controlling idea/claims, not as background information.
    • Encyclopedias do not count toward the 6 required cited sources.
    • Encyclopedias/Wikipedia should be cited and used for background information only. 
    • All information from sources not considered common knowledge should be cited.
    • Include a Works Consulted (MLA format)
    • Contains both consulted and cited sources in MLA format at end of paper.


    • Essential Question and sub-EQs
    • Defense of Research (includes: controlling idea, claims, evidence, validity of sources)
    • Writing Conference
    • First draft and Final Draft


    Assessed Competencies:

    • Social Studies Inquiry (Checkpoints):
      • Develop Research Questions & Plan Inquiries
      • Determine, Cite and Corroborate Relevant Sources
    • ELA Writing/Social Studies Communication (Final JLP):
      • Focus
      • Development
      • Organization
      • Use of Sources
      • Conventions
      • Language
    • Work Study Practices (Checkpoints):
      • Collaboration (Manage Self in Group Setting)
      • Self-Direction (Set Goals & Create a Plan; Persevere, Manage Progress & Behavior)


    Graduation Requirement: A minimum score of “Developing” must be achieved to meet the SHS Graduation Requirement.  If the JLP essay earns “Beginning the Standard” in any rubric category, you will not have met the graduation requirement. The essay must then be revised in order to earn a passing score in every category. 

    Honor’s Challenge

    Students may earn Honors for JLP as part of their Social Studies and English coursework. (JLP Honors is not designated separately on the transcript because as a graduation requirement the JLP is P/NC). Honors JRP is an opportunity to really explore and demonstrate what it means to write a sophisticated and complex essay.

    • 8 – 10 pages; exceeds the 6-source minimum.  
    • This longer paper should be more complex and deeper than a standard paper and therefore require additional researched information and analysis, not just to fit a page requirement.
    • Every aspect of this paper must be assessed at Meets or Extends Beyond Standard level (3 or 4).