• At Mont Vernon Village School, our students develop good ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills through hands-on activities in both the technology center of their classroom as well as in the Learning Commons Technology Lab. It is our school philosophy to teach ICT skills in an integrated fashion – working to embed these skills in the everyday work of the students. It is our goal that library and technology skills will support students by providing a deeper learning experience in all their areas of study.


    By December of first grade, our students begin to access our network and information resources using their own student accounts to our network and library databases. Each year, we deepen our experience with a variety of devices: computers, laptops, digital video and recording devices. Throughout their Village School experience, students develop the research and presentation skills that are absolutely necessary in order for them to demonstrate their development and mastery of the material they are learning about. Throughout the experience, students learn about the various types of software and hardware that can be used to support their research and presentation, and throughout the experience, they develop successful problem-solving skills that can be applied in any learning environment.


    Our approach to ICT intends to honor and support the instruction made by teaching teams as they develop rich, integrative, learning-centric materials.
    Ms. Patricia Garrity
    Media Technology Specialist