• World Language

    Students at MVVS have the unique opportunity to begin language instruction in elementary school!


    All students in grades K-6 have Spanish class once per week, with an additional class every other week for a total of approximately six lessons per month (not withstanding holidays or unforeseen cancellations).We are very lucky that our district supports the use of an outstanding online program, Rockalingua, to enhance language development through songs, games, activities, stories, and crafts. Students receive personal login information in class which provides full access to age-appropriate content and learning both at school and at home. We invite you to explore the site with your family!


    For our 5th and 6th graders, the content taught at MVVS parallels the curriculum covered by peers attending AMS. This allows students to transition smoothly into world language classes in 7th grade.Additionally, we incorporate culture into our classes to broaden knowledge and understanding of communities around the world. Students explore holidays, traditions, beliefs and daily life in Spanish-speaking countries around the globe to promote tolerance of societies and ideals that differ from our own experiences.

    Our World Language teacher is
    Katharine Montalbano