• Fifth grade is a year of transition at MVVS. Students move from an elementary school model to a routine that more closely mimics that of a middle school. Students really begin to learn about the importance of organization while moving between classrooms, working with both fifth grade teachers.  Students work collaboratively as a team with their classmates, and benefit from being part of changing, flexible groups throughout the school year.


    During their fifth grade experience, students will continue to work with Math in Focus and Scott Foresman Reading Street programs.  Students’ progress will be monitored continuously so that lessons taught will coincide with their pace of learning.  In math, students will dive deeply into fractions, while reviewing basic operations, geometry, and some basic algebra.  During reading class, students will be given an opportunity to work in small and large groups to gain a solid understanding of a variety of reading skills and strategies.  Students will also read several novels throughout the school year that coincide with Science and Social Studies units.


    The Science and Social Studies units taught are of very high interest to most fifth graders.  Students will learn the ins and outs of the human body, make working circuit boards, and study changes in the earth.  Social Studies class is an adventure that takes students from the times of early exploration through the Revolutionary War and the birth of our nation. Though students will have to work hard to keep up with the demands of fifth grade and the increasing work load that goes with it, they will hopefully feel more prepared for the fast pace of middle school by the end of the year.
    Mrs. Sara Millas
    Ms. Mackenzie Lawrence