• 8th Grade Kalenik Team:  Week of Sept.30-Oct. 4

    8th Grade Griffiths Team:  Week of October 7-11

                                                                                                                                                    September 2019


    Dear Parents /Guardians of Grade 8 Students,


    Preparations are well underway for the 8th grade trip to The Ecology School at Poland Springs Resort in Poland, Maine. The events of the next few weeks will require hard work and cooperation from everyone, but past experience makes us confident that this will be a valuable and memorable learning experience.


    The Ecology School has a very informative web site, which we encourage you to visit at www.theecologyschool.org. It has information about their program, facilities, staffing, supervision and a number of related topics.


    Please review this packet carefully. The last two pages are very important forms that must be filled out and returned to us by Wednesday, September 11. All forms and information are also available on the AMS web site. The total cost of this year’s trips is $452.00 per student. This includes tuition, room and board and transportation. If you paid the $226.00 deposit last May, the remaining $226.00 is due by Wednesday, September 11. Please make all checks payable to Amherst Middle School and write your child’s name on the memo line. Students should hand their check and completed forms to their science teacher.


    • Mrs. Kalenik’s team will leave for The Ecology School on Monday, September 30th and return on Friday, October 4th.


    • Mr. Griffiths’ team will leave for The Ecology School on Monday, October 7th and return on Friday, October 11th.



    Please note that you will need to make special transportation arrangements on the Monday and Friday of The Ecology School week since we will be departing from and returning to the Amherst Walmart parking lot. Please arrive between 7:15 and 7:30 on Monday. Students will be allowed only two pieces of luggage, one of which must include either a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets. Please note that each student will have a double size bed with a fitted bottom sheet provided. Each room of two students will have a private bathroom. A copy of the packing list is included in this packet.  Your cooperation is necessary and appreciated in making sure that students do not bring knives, gum, food, candy, electronic items (especially cell phones), lighters, matches, fireworks or smoking materials. Please plan to check their luggage carefully.


    We are devoting a great deal of time, energy and resources toward the successful planning and implementation of these trips. In deciding whether to attend, students should realize that the program is educational in nature and the expectation is that everyone will have fun as we learn. It is not a vacation week! Students must at all times be under adult supervision in designated areas. Any student who behaves in a manner that endangers the health or safety of themselves or others, or is detrimental to the smooth running of the program, will be sent home. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in helping to ensure a positive and worthwhile experience for all.


    Though the great majority of students usually do attend these trips, a full program of 8th grade studies will be provided for students who do not participate. If serious financial hardship is the only reason your child will not attend, or you need an extension of the payment deadline, please contact your science teacher as soon as possible.



    Mr. Geoff Griffiths        GGriffiths@sau39.org


    Mrs. Kelly Kalenik           kkalenik@sprise.com


    Grade 8 Science Teachers