•      The goal of the Physical Education program at Mont Vernon Village School is to provide our students with the skills and confidence to enjoy articipating in a variety of physical activities and exercise that will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

         At the lower levels – Kindergarten, First and Second Grade – games and activities are introduced that work on basic loco motor skills, spatial wareness, directions (left, right, front, back and side), catching, throwing, kicking, dribbling, volleying, balance, eye-hand coordination, listening, following instructions, cooperation, sportsmanship, team work and respect.

         As the students progress into the upper levels – Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade – we take these basic skills and work to improve and advance them into traditional and cooperative games and activities our students can play throughout their lives. 

         We do expect all students to come to Physical Education class prepared to “Play”. This means wearing comfortable clothes that allow lots of movement and sneakers. We will be outside for as long as the weather permits, so we ask that students are prepared for chilly conditions.
    Mr. Brian Donohue