The Johns Hopkins University Center for Academically Talented Youth (CTY) is a program designed to seek out and identify 7thand 8th grade students with exceptional math and/or verbal reasoning ability (generally the top 3 % ile) in order to foster and enrich these abilities. Qualification for the CTY program is based on specified scores on a school-administered standardized achievement test.  Since our school district no longer administers standardized tests, participation in this program is by parent nomination.  Factors to consider when determining if this program is appropriate for your child are: 

    • A demonstration of superior academic performance, such as consistent attainment of high honors or honors. 
    • Advanced math. 
    • Highest category on state testing (Proficient with Distinction). 


    Students who enroll in the Talent Search will take the SAT, the test administered to college-bound high school juniors and seniors, as a screening tool for the CTY program. Those students who score at a certain level on the SAT will qualify to take enrichment courses through Johns Hopkins University at specified colleges throughout the country and the world during the summer, if they elect to.  CTY also offers online courses, family programs, conferences, and other resources.  


    Information about this program is available at the Talent Search website.  www.cty.jhu.edu. You can download program information, brochures, parent nomination forms, and applications. You may register your child online.