Clark-Wilkins Technology Program

    Technology at Clark-Wilkins school is taught at the classroom level as well as during a specialist block. Each classroom K-4, is equipped with a technology cart for teaching, which includes a projector, a laptop and a document camera.  Within each grade level there is at least 1 teacher with a SMART Board.

    Each grade 1 – 4 classroom also have 3 student computers, which are updated on a regular basis. Kindergarten classrooms currently have access to one student computer in each room.

    Each student in grade 1-4 has computer class every other week.  This is a 45 minute time where students work on such skills as keyboarding, computer vocabulary, digital citizenship and navigating the Internet. At the Wilkins building students use Dell Desktops along with kid friendly keyboards. At the Clark building the lab has been equipped with Dell Tablets, which also have kid friendly keyboards. 

    Below are the skills that will be taught during Trimester 1.

    Grade 1

    • Using a touchpad
    • Accessing a website
    • Typing a capital letter for their first name
    • Learning the Microsoft Paint program

    Grade 2

    • Learning the SHIFT, ENTER, and DELETE keys
    • Navigating the CW Student websites
    • Learning advanced Paint Functions
    • Painting

    Grade 3

    • Introduction to Keyboarding
    • File Management
    • What is a Digital Footprint
    • Introduction to Microsoft Word

    Grade 4

    • Keyboarding
    • File Management
    • Cyber Safety
    • Microsoft Word
    • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
    Mrs. Gail Polio, Technology Specialist