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    Update Posted 8/24/20 
              On Tuesday and Friday we will be meeting at the south entrance
    (NOT the main entrance) to Freestyle Farm from 7:30 to 9:30.   Freestyle
    Farm is located in North Amherst near the end of Mack Hill Rd.  We will
    be meeting in the parking area near the pond house at the south
    entrance.   I will have signs and cones out to mark the entrance. 
    Please do not go near the main entrance, barns and riding arena.   If
    the road turns to dirt, then you have gone to far.
             On Wednesday we will be meeting at the upper Wilkins Elementary
    field on Jones Rd from 7:30 to 9:00.    Please park, drop off, and pick
    up at the parking area on Jones Rd.
     We need to change our location  for Wednesday's practice
    to Spaulding Field which is justaround the corner -  just beyond the
    Clark Elementary School.  It is onthe corner of Davis Lane and
    Christian Hill Rd. in the Amherst Village. 
    There is room for parking and drop off on the Christian Hill side of
    Spaulding Field, as well as at the Tennis Courts on Davis Lane.

              We will still be following the same rules and protocol as if we
    were at SHS, so don't forget to submit the online covid questionaire
    prior to each day you come to a workout.  Please continue to list SHS as
    the school facility being accessed on the questionaire.
    The Boys and Girls Cross Country Teams have begun optional workout sessions on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Please contact Jeff Wilson
     glwilson081@comcast.net   582-2513 (cell) for details, and to get added to the teams' email lists.  Regular practice is scheduled to start on September 8th.