• Child Check Screening for Amherst & Mont Vernon

    Children ages 2.5 to 5 years

    Use this guide to glance at development for a child.  Remember, children grow and learn atdifferent rates.

                                                           At Two Years:

    ·        Understands instructions

    ·        Uses two-word sentences, pronouns and many words

    ·        Just learning to share toys

    ·        Turns a picture book that is upside down

    ·        Uses a cup with one hand

    ·        Scribbles

    ·        Runs, jumps and walks up and down stairs with help

    ·        Climbs and kicks a ball

    ·        Aware of others’ feelings


          At Three Years:

    ·        Plays with other children

    ·        May develop fears

    ·        Learning to use toilet

    ·        Knows colors, shapes and opposites

    ·        Speaks in three-word sentences

    ·        Knows own age and sex

    ·        Imitates drawing a line or circle

    ·        Opens containers or jars

    ·        Catches and kicks a ball forcefully

    ·        May have difficulty with transitions

    ·        Speaks so that others understand

    ·        May test limits


           At Four Years:

    ·        Very independent

    ·        Dresses and undresses

    ·        More social

    ·        Understands and often obeys rules

    ·        Shares

    ·        Plays make-believe

    ·        Uses scissors


         At Five Years:

    ·        Plays organized games

    ·        Follows a three-step instruction

    ·        Counts to 10

    ·        Understands the meaning of many words

    ·        Uses complete sentences

    ·        Tells imaginative stores

    ·        Cuts out shapes with scissors

    ·        Catches a bounced ball

    ·        Writes letters and own name

    ·        May recognize some words, letters and numbers 


    After decades of research, there is evidence that early intervention increases the developmental and educational gains for a child.


    Children grow and learn at different rates.  However, if you suspect your child may not be developing skills at age appropriate times, you may bring him/her to a ChildCheck Screening.


    Child Check Screenings are conducted by trained professionals in the areas of early learning, motor, vision, hearing and speech.    If a need is identified in any area, further evaluations may be recommended.


    We understand that the engagement of parents and families as partners in education must begin at the earliest possible point.  Parents are always welcome to be present during screenings.



    Karen Rimol





    Cost is FREE to residents of Amherst and Mont Vernon.  Screenings will be held at Clark School, 14 Foundry Street, Amherst, NH.   Screening days are October 19, 2018, and March 15, 2019 from 9:00am-12:00pm.