Wintercession is a week-long program for sophomores in which groups of faculty and students explore a specific topic or theme, project or adventure, in an experiential manner. Course offerings include studies in specialized skills, academics, community service, field studies, culture, and outdoor adventure.  

    In the Wintercession brochure  you will find brief descriptions of the exciting courses offered this year.  Course offerings are designed around the interests and expertise of tenth grade faculty members, as well as the interests of the students in the class of 2021.   

    The scheduling of Wintercession is strategically placed; it minimizes conflict with sports seasons, school productions, and other extracurricular activities, allowing for participation of all students.  

    Following Wintercession week there will be class time devoted to debriefing experiences and participating in a sophomore class culminating conference. All courses run Monday through Friday, unless stated otherwise in the course catalog.  

    If you have any additional questions, please contact your student's advisor.


    Wintercession Course Information