• Sophomore Parents
    All students are in the process of finishing up their first capstone project at Souhegan called the Division I Exhibition. The Division I Exhibition asks them to reflect back on their last two years at Souhegan and reflect on who they are as students, young adults, and community members.  
    We ask that parents/guardians participate in an hour-long roundtable discussion that will take place during finals week between June 8th - June 11th in order to help push their child's thinking and celebrate the tremendous work they have done over the last two year. 
    Parents should have received a link to sign up for their child's roundtable. If you have not received it, please contact the advisor as soon as possible so we can make sure we schedule the roundtable. As Division I Exhibition is a graduation requirement, all students need to complete this process before moving forward, and we cannot do that without your participation.  
    If you have any questions, please contact our Division I Exhibition Coordinator, Andy Emerson at aemerson@sprsie.com
    Division One Exhibition 

    The Division One Exhibition represents the students' hard work and learning in the 9th and 10th grades. The exhibition will consist of the following pieces: 



    The Division 1 Exhibition Portfolio provides the opportunity for the student to:

    • Collect a sampling of the work they have completed over 9th and 10th grade years. 
    • Examine the work for areas of growth and reflect on these areas through discussions and writings to make connections to the SHS Learner Expectations. 


    Roundtable Presentation

      In the 10th grade, students will present themselves as a multidimensional learner to a Roundtable consisting of the advisor, a staff member, a peer
      advocate and parents. The presentation will focus on their knowledge both past and present, their accomplishments, and their thoughts or plans 
      for the future.