Competency-based approach: Student work is focused on skills/concepts/knowledge that need strengthening, not a “re-taking” of an entire year’s course and units. English, social studies, JRP, science and math credits are available. Students can exit summer school with full credit if they meet the competencies before summer school ends.  A portfolio of work will serve as evidence of having met each of the competencies set out as areas for growth for each individual student.



    Summer School Dates and Location:

    Summer school is held Monday – Thursday.  Summer school begins on Monday, June 18 through Thursday, July 26 

     Block 1- Math  and Science 8:00-10:00

     Block 2 -English/ social studies/ JRP  10:00-12:00

    Summer school will be held at Souhegan High School.



    Registration and Tuition:

    Students can find summer school registration forms in student services.  CLICK HERE for registration form. Full payment of tuition is required for all students at the time of registration.

    Students need to complete a Summer School Application and submit payment before entering Summer School.  Tuition is $200.00 per course or $100.00  deposit for JRP.

    Mail completed form with tuition payment to:

    Summer School Coordinator,

    Souhegan High School,

    PO Box 1152, Amherst, NH 03031

    Make check payable to: Souhegan High School,

    Memo section: Summer School


    We ask students to follow the Souhegan Six and all of Souhegan’s rules and policies.  A few we emphasize are the following:

    -Be respectful and appropriate in the classroom and within the building

    -Attend all of your classes

    -Be on time to your classes

    Immediate Dismissal:

    Vandalizing school property or an individual’s property will result in a student’s immediate dismissal from summer school (No credit/No refund).

    Students are not allowed to “wander the building.”  The maintenance staff is working around the building and they do not need the distraction of students wandering the halls.



    Families are responsible for providing transportation for their children to and from summer school. 


    Grade Reports:

    Final grades will be turned into Student Services upon completion of summer work. The summer school final grade does not replace the student’s year-end grade on the final transcript.  Both grades will appear on the transcript with summer school enrollment noted and only the most recent grade computed in the student’s grade point average.



    Students will have access to books, computers, and printers.  The Info. Center will be unavailable during summer school.  Students, however, should supply their own pens/pencils and some type of notebook or binder. 


    Coordinator Contact Information:

    Betsy Wallisch   

    Summer School Coordinator