The Mont Vernon Village School PTA, through its involvement and contributions, helps to support a superior educational environment for the children of the Mont Vernon Village School. 

    All PTA events are open to the community, as well as students, parents and guardians. To register as a PTA member, you can visit our website year round at https://sites.google.com/view/mvvspta/home.  Our annual membership drive begins each year in September.  Membership donations are appreciated and help provide the best enrichment for our students!

    The PTA welcomes everyone to the Mont Vernon Village School!  We love feedback and always encourage attendance at our monthly meetings.  You can check our scheduled meetings here: https://www.runpto.com/pto/login?schoolid=ptamvvs&app=Calendar&hash=fc3cf452d3da8402bebb765225ce8c0e

    Please reach out at any time with questions/comments/suggestions!  We look forward to hearing from you!

    Email: ptamvvs03057@gmail.com

    Instagram: @MVVSPTA

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MVVSPTA/


    Current Board Members: 

    • Autumn Grdina - President
    • Kara Kucenski - Vice President
    • (Open) - Treasurer
    • Fran Aftanas - Secretary
    • Susan Ciatto - Volunteer Coordinator/Social Media
    • Amy Uehling - Enrichment Coordinator
    • Mary Wiley - Book Fair Chair
    • Jessica Hinckley - PTAvenue of Lights Chair
    • Cheryl Foley - Teacher Appreciation Chair